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Control of lower body fat food: sesame onitsuka tiger, sesame seeds 1 to provide the necessary human vitamin E, B1, calcium, especially how the 42 2010-05-26 boys lose chest and abdominal fat

8 2009-06-02 boys to sit up 100+ then do yoga on the boat, leg type strengthening stimulation.

A horizontal bar, grabbed the horizontal bar, legs together, slowly raise two want to thin waist is just not thin down?

Don't be sad!

The best way to everyone today will teach the waist slimming asics onitsuka tiger, lose belly fat, thin out the 24 playing badminton.

This sport, the fitness, and thin, but also friends, also influences the mood · · · · · · sit up health effectively, each 30 to 8 groups, will be a good Oh!

Methods like my previous problems, simple, adhere to is difficult to!

Sit up!

To do 200 - a simple day according to your tolerance for packet 1, every 30 minutes, shaking hula hoop 2 deliberately abdomen 3, sooner or later each cup of lemon water (morning

fasting drink, drink before sleep.

500CC against half a small bed to do sit ups onitsuka tiger by asics, then go to bed before and after can be carried out by hand massage for a period of time in the abdomen, until abdominal have a

fever can be a.

Must I is also a big belly of the boys are very depressed to eat is not much but the stomach is many situations are the internal problems of the ha ha, you are now 21 years old

is the best period of physical growth.

is the best period of physical growth.

If you really want to move his body to exercise a little bit better, and develop a tall.

That is, the easiest way to every push ups, sit ride 20, timely increase a point also not wasted much time, not tired with push ups, dumbbell lateral pull.


Pectoral sit ups a day 100~200 absolutely effective but fat or bad reduction onitsuka tiger mexico 66, less sitting is each to the age boys to reduce belly, almost all, in fact, men had thirty to 0

answer 10 error. A good way to 4 Pauline Lan on "the greatest woman I" in say, when you watch TV unscrew, moving around the waist fat, can imperceptibly reduce belly do push ups

and sit ups, multi running exercise, usually when the attention to posture, sitting hunched is the direct cause beer belly.

At the same time as the other boys answer: belly fat were 2 2013-8-7 23:20 promotion list brother, live together and I'll let you figure and I have nothing abdominal muscle

contraction, very useful!

Chinning, insist on doing a few day group, do not add is not lazy do not, each about 8-10 (according to your ability, I can do 13

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